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HPNA Members with a current membership receive an extra month added to their membership when renewing online!

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Following is a list of the current HPNA Membership fees
Membership Level / LengthFee
Associate (1 yr)$100.00
LPN/LVN (1 yr)$82.00
LPN/LVN (2 yrs)$140.00
Nursing Assistant(1yr)$50.00
Nursing Assistant (2yrs)$80.00
RN (1 yr)$115.00
RN (2 yrs)$210.00
Retired RN (1 yr)$60.00
Retired RN (2 yrs)$100.00
Student (1 yr)$55.00
RN-Student (1 yr)$70.00
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Note:  Print/Mailed subscriptions for the Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing (JHPN) are available for an additional fee ($14 for 1-year memberships; $28 for 2-year membership).  Effective January 1, 2016, all HPNA members receive FREE access to the online version of JHPN.  
Retired RN
memberships are only available those individuals Over 70 years of age and not currently employed in nursing.  If a Student membership is selected, the fields shown below are required.  (NOTE:  the Student rate is applicable for FULL-TIME STUDENTS ONLY!)
Notice:  7.1% of your membership dues are allocated tolobbying costs, and are therefore nondeductible as a business expense.  Please consult your tax advisor for further advice.
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