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Study Guide for the Generalist Hospice and Palliative Nurse, 3rd edition 

© 2009

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ISBN  978-0-7575-6209-9 

Edited by Lynn Borstelmann, RN, MN, CHPN® AOCN.

The questions of the study guide are divided into three sections with correct answers provided for each question. The result is a wide breadth of topics covered in a manageable format.

Part I follows the content of the Core Curriculum for the Generalist Hospice and Palliative Nurse and includes practice questions on the broad arena of generalist hospice and palliative nursing care in terms of the physical, spiritual, psychosocial, and emotional care. 

Part II contains case studies integrating questions on pain and symptom management along with other aspects of hospice and palliative care. 

Part III focuses on pharmacology with questions about medication specific and opioid conversions.

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266 pages

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